Spiritual Counseling and Transformational Coaching Services

Regardless of where you in life, I will partner with you to identify whatever is holding you back from living life on your terms. And I will help you identify your inner and outer weaknesses, threats, strengths, and opportunities, and then show you how you can utilize your strengths and opportunities to overcome your challenges or obstacles, in order to live a happier,  purposeful and abundant life.



~ The minimum number of sessions for this program is 10.

~ If you are sick and tired of living as someone else’s choice and would like to make your own choices on how to live your life, this program will help you. So, contact me ([email protected]) for a 30 minute free consultation to get started.

~ In the meantime, check out my YouTube Channel where you will find many useful spiritual counseling and transformational coaching sessions, designed to get you started on your self-liberation journey. 



  • Non-dimensional marriages – Price – $350 + Transportation fees (Email me for details)

  • Pre-marriage couples spiritual counseling – Price – $275/hr

  • Spiritual death and baptism ceremonies – Call for details

  • Spiritual churches guest speaker – (Call for details)

  • Email me with your prayer request.