Transpersonal Counseling and Transformational  Coaching Services

      • Awaken Your Power: Unleash Your True Potential with Holistic Practices

 The Bloom Studio: Coaching & Counseling for Personal Transformation!

Are You Ready to:

                  1. Break free from limiting beliefs and negative patterns?
                  2. Discover your unique strengths and passions?
                  3. Embrace joy, peace, and a fulfilling life?

We offer you a supportive space to:

                  1. Explore the root causes of your struggles.
                  2. Develop healthy coping mechanisms and emotional intelligence.
                  3. Connect with your inner wisdom and intuition.
                  4. Unleash your creativity and take inspired action.

We specialize in:

                  1. Transformational Coaching: Guiding you towards clarity, personal growth, and achieving your goals.
                  2. Energy Healing: Clearing energetic blockages to promote emotional well-being and spiritual alignment.
                  3. Addiction Support: Offering guidance and understanding for you and your loved ones on the path to recovery.
You deserve to live a life filled with vibrancy and purpose. Let us guide you on your journey of transformation.!

Why Work With Dr. Mpalyenkana, Jacent! 

  1. Holistic Expertise: Dr. Mpalyenkana blends proven coaching methods with holistic techniques to address your struggles on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels, offering a well-rounded approach to healing and growth.

  2. Unlocking Inner Power: She empowers you to discover your true potential by dissolving subconscious blocks, negative habits, and limiting beliefs, guiding you towards emotional freedom, peak performance, and achieving your life purpose.

  3. Empowering Transformation: As a published author with over 11 books, she offers unique insights and guidance to help you craft your story and share it with the world, adding a creative dimension to your transformative journey.