Transpersonal Counseling and Transformational  Coaching Services

      • Awaken Your Power: Unleash Your True Potential with Holistic Practices


                • Break free from limiting beliefs and negative patterns?
                • Discover your unique strengths and passions?
                • Embrace joy, peace, and a fulfilling life?


 Why Work With Dr. Mpalyenkana:

  1. Combined Expertise in Counseling & Spirituality: Dr. Mpalyenkana offers a unique blend of professional counseling experience with a deep understanding of spiritual practices. This allows her to address both your emotional well-being and your spiritual growth.
  2. Evidence-Based Practices with a Personalized Approach: Dr. Mpalyenkana integrates proven counseling techniques with a personalized approach that considers your individual needs and spiritual beliefs.
  3. Unlock Your Potential for Lasting Change: With her expertise and guidance, you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself, overcome challenges, and achieve lasting positive transformations in your life.
  4. Empowered by Experience and Education: Dr. Mpalyenkana’s extensive background in counseling, philosophy, and business allows her to provide a well-rounded perspective and empower you to make informed decisions for your well-being.

Some of the Outcomes of Partnering with Dr. Mpalyenkana:


  1. Explore the root causes of your struggles.
  2. Develop healthy coping mechanisms and emotional intelligence.
  3. Connect with your inner wisdom and intuition.
  4. Unleash your creativity and take inspired action.
                2. You deserve to live a life filled with vibrancy and purpose. Let us guide you on your journey of transformation.!

About Dr. Mpalyenkana, Jacent, PhD, MBA

Dr. Jacent M. Mpalyenkana is a spiritual counselor, certified professional speaker, and author with a focus on personal transformation. She is also a certified transformational coach and has written several books on emotional intelligence and freedom, self-transformation and spiritual/energy healing.

Dr. Mpalyenkana has Ph.Ds. in metaphysical sciences (Majoring in Philosophy), from the International Society of Metaphysical Humanism, a Ph.D. in spiritual counseling from the Northern State University, plus an MBA from the University of Hull, Hull, United Kingdom.

She is also an advanced NLP practitioner, Advanced EFT practitioner, Advanced Ho’oponopono Practitioner, a Reiki master and teacher, and an Advanced Law of Attraction counselor and teacher, and an ordained minister.