Random Quotes by Dr. Jacent Mpalyenkana, PhD, MBA

~ “The only wealth you have is that which you have.” 

~ You don’t exercise because your body is in pain: because your body is in pain, you exercise.” 

~ Poverty is a reveal of how disconnected you feel to Infinite Spirit, God.” 

~ We live in an infinite universe that provides infinite resources we can never exhaust in a single lifetime.

~ There is more than Enough.

The world has somehow convinced us, or rather, we have believed the lie that we don’t have enough. And that we have to struggle, work super hard, kill each other, betray and backstab each other, because if we don’t, we won’t have enough to survive. But oh, what a costly lie!

Just sharing my thoughts: 

Before I was forced into taking on this spiritual path, for many years, I thought I was separate from the divine plan of God. I worried everyday about how I was going to make it in life. I studied hard, worked hard at the different jobs I was employed at, and almost killed myself trying to become super-wealthy and super-fast. But I was saved by the constant and consistent failure, itself. I hit rock bottom. Because I came to realize that I really do not have control. I am being done. I am part of a divine plan that provides everything, and it provides everything for everyone on this planet. Everything we need, is here. God is not a fool to create, and leave us suffering and living scarcity-infused lives. It struck me that God, the supreme being is abundant, beyond infinite. “He” created this world with everything we need to live abundant, happy lives. We dwell in the midst of prosperity, wealth, and opportunities that we can never exhaust. What separates us from this goodness is our limited self-belief. We believe to be our identities and just our bodies, We don’t know who we are. We think we are separate from everything. We think we are on our own. But we forget that there is not a we, without God, the supreme. We ignore the fact that our very heartbeats are provided by God. We are, because God is. And when we remember and believe this with our hearts, the shadows of fear, doubt and separation dissolve. 

Believe this and be free. Trust that there is more than enough for you to enjoy, because of your very nature.

And remember, because of our free will, the universe, God, is to us, what we are to Him. When we open our hearts entirely to this magic, we refer to as God, life becomes fulfilled.

Love and light

12/22/2022 – I am Quitting my Job

Why would I quit my job? You might wonder. Now, the job I am quitting immediately is judging people. It has cost me so much more than what I have put in. And I am sure you can relate. 

Let me explain

Judging, begins by observing the subject, relating to it by drawing information from your subconscious mind, that recognizes the subject. Next, you have to perceive, define and then conclude on the subject. And the conclusion, is what we normally refer to as judging.

What a waste of mental and emotional resources to come up with a judgement about someone! Although the process is normally done in a matter of seconds or minutes, it is still a hell of a long process. And most importantly, you can never be certain about the content of a book by just looking at its cover.

When we judge other people or make conclusions about their behavior, we consider the behavior as the only subject to perceive. However, behavior is a projection of a lot more complex information in the person than the behavior itself, Behavior is just an output. There is more to it, than it is. There is more to the person than their behavior. And there is more about that person than who they think they are. That is why I have come to a conclusion that judging others is delusional especially because you are making conclusions based on very limited information about the subject. 

So, what is the option to judging? 

Well, people will reveal what is inside their minds through their behavior. However, let’s consider a few other details before we accept this suggestion as the truth.

Now, let’s imagine you go to the market to buy bananas. You will only buy the bananas that you like, right? You won’t go around the banana stall judging each of the banana batches. You might look around, pick up a few batches until you find the one you like. But your evaluations will not stick in your mind. You won’t drive home thinking about how horrible the other banana batches were. For the most part, you won’t even think about the bananas you bought. Likewise, you can relate to someone, and if their behavior triggers a negative emotion, memory or feeling within you, observe how you got to that mental/emotional state. Is this person’s behavior repetitive? Are you just having a bad day and this person just happened to be in your presence at the wrong time? As a side note remember, when someone insults you, it is just a projection of their misery. And if you get insulted, it is a projection of your insecurities.

When someone insults you, it is just a projection of their misery. And if you get insulted, it is a projection of your insecurities.” ~ Dr Jacinta Mpalyenkana-Murray

  Whatever your reasons are, avoid jumping to conclusions about the person. Perceive and conclude on the behavior, and then act accordingly, but not on the person. Trust me, that will save you a lot of emotional turmoil. Remember it is easier to deal with actions than with people. If you just judge their behavior as action, all you have to do is examine how it made you feel, release the feelings and let it remain in the past where it belongs. Move on. 

That’s the job I am quitting. I am done working as a self-employed, underpaid and quack judge, lol. I am not good at it. It is so tiring to judge people based on their behavior. People are more than their behavior. People are always changing. My judgements are neither the entire truth, nor current. Besides, it is just too much emotional work. I have decided to focus on my business, which is me, how I feel and my mindset.

What about you? Please share your thoughts.

Love and light

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 12/18/2021 – Why Waste Your Attention?

“Attention is so precious that nothing ignores it.” ~ Dr. Jacinta Mpalyenkana Murray, PhD, MBA
Quite a few people visit my website; some to check and see what I am doing, how far I  have come, how wrong I am, spelling mistakes, or what they can borrow and use as their own content. A few come to establish if my services can help them: and to those I respect. 
Normally, I would perceive the naysayers or trolls as time waster…wasting their own time. But come to think of it; time can not be wasted. Time waits for no one. Time will never stop being time just because you decided to spend an entire day researching on how to destroy someone or bring them down. However, what you are wasting is your attention; your inner space, and your inner resources that you could use to upgrade your life. So, the next time you visit my website or any other online content, with negative intentions, remember that you aren’t wasting time. You are simply wasting your attention and inner resources. You are engaging your soul in the negative. You are investing in, and fertilizing the law of karma to manifest your investments in your own life. 

Question: What do you pay your attention for?

Remember, attention is so precious that nothing ignores it. When you waste it on things that do not progress you, you lose the attention you would have used to upgrade your own life. Think about it. 🙂

Love and light. 

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April 16, 2021 – Which Eyes Are You Viewing The World With?

~ Which eyes are you viewing the world with?

~ What mindset are you facing your world with?

~ Are you facing the world as your limited identity-self or as a spiritual being?

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