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Do Not Force It, Tap The Good, reveals that experience is two fold—good and bad happen at the same time. In this book, you will discover the power of words, the power in the invisible world; and how to raise your vibration to tap into perpetual happiness, enthusiasm, and self-love.

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​Consider this book the one-stop portal for every couple. With a Sex Coupon Section, the book will revive even a dead and buried sexual relationship for lovers.

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Whether you are a Coach who wants to help your clients regulate and balance their Chakras and hence their lives, or someone who just wants to heal themselves, the scripts in this book are guaranteed to help you achieve your goals.

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Quotations have been used for centuries to provoke deeper thought, promote emotional healing, inspire creativity and progress, and encourage personal development.

The author wrote these quotes over the years based on her personal experiences and those of the people she has related to.

The quotes are written to inspire positive thought and provoke deeper reflection on one’s life.

The quotes will create inner reflections depending on one’s emotional and intellectual states.Read the quotes with an open mind, and they will open your mind to deeper depths.

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