Spiritual Counseling and Transformational Coaching

Combining Spiritual Welfare with Western Psychology and Energy Healing Principles to Liberate the Body, Mind and Spirit From all Bondage”

~ Do You Feel Like Giving up on Life Because of Continuous Struggle, Disappointments and Feelings of Stuck-ness?

~ Does your life feel stagnant?

~ Are you trapped in addictive self-destructing behavior? 

~ Are you struggling with STRESS, CONFUSION AND SADNESS

~ Do you feel as if life itself doesn’t want you live it, because nothing seems to work out for you?

~ Do you feel as if your spirit is imprisoned and regardless of what you do or what you have done to heal and progress you seem to return to the same states of doubt, confusion, fear, frustration and feelings of stuck-ness?

~ Are you confused about your life purpose?

~ Do you feel confused about the root causes of your struggles and how you can resolve them?

Note that since we are body, mind and spirit, all these parts of us have to be in alignment in order for our lives to have meaning.

Below are some of the reasons why you might be struggling consistently:

~Your spirit is conflicted or contracted to ancestral lineage or bloodline destructing and distracting agreements, contracts, relationships or codes.

~ You are cursed, bewitched or is carrying other people’s negative energies in your energy field.

~ Family tree/parental rooted karmic debit/conflicts/curses

~ Your spirit is married to other spirits or negative entities

What I can do for you.

As a Spiritual Counselor, Ordained Spiritual Reverend and transformational Coach, my services are founded on conventional psychology, Angel therapy, Intentional Prayer, plus other western spiritual and mind healing techniques. I work closely with a client in a unique way that connects my spirit to theirs to investigate the root causes of their struggles/problems. Once the root causes are identified, and if they are spiritually rooted I work with powerful clearing prayers, the Angels, Christ Consciousness, the Elements, and other light-based divinities to clear, resolve, cleanse and disengage these root causes. If the root causes are mental or emotional, I employ psychologically based techniques such as, EFT (The Emotional Freedom Technique, The Work-by Katie Bryan, Quantum healing, The Sedona Method, NLP, Ho’oponopono, Angel Therapy and other emotional freedom techniques to help them achieve peace, clarity, and general emotional well-being.

Benefits of Working With me:

~ Blood line/family-tree cleansing ~ Resolving ancestral debt and conflicts, releasing you from struggle and stuck-ness

~ Resolving karmic codes, contracts and conflicts

~ Clearing Energy Fields to magnetize what you want.

~ Developing a Stronger Connection with your Higher-self for clarity

~ Cleansing, purifying and balancing your meridian system including chakras.

~ Creating emotional freedom from a negative past and childhood memories

~ Helping you find their life purpose in order to live life on your terms. 

~ Heal from stress, cleanse, balance and strengthen your energy fields.

~ Release addictive personalities 

~ Awaken to your true Self.


To get started with your healing process, please complete this form – (TapTheGood – Intake Questionnaire) and email it to tapthegood@gmail.com. Please remember to make your payment which is when I will contact you to schedule your appointment. Instructions to make the payment are included in the questionnaire.