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One day, a young graduate student visited a wise retired professor with intent to get some wisdom about his career path. Upon arrival at the retired professor's home, the later, offered the student, a cup of tea. Shortly after, the young student started talking about his studies, what he knew, [...]
Tue, Dec 04, 2018
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“Are They Your True Friends?” This is a statement that my grandmother asked me every time I complained about my friends. Growing up, friendship meant consistent and good communication. It was okay to pick up a phone and call a friend just for the shake of it. It was normal [...]
Sun, Nov 25, 2018
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be inspred
Have you ever shared your dream with someone only to be discouraged? Have you ever been so certain about the direction that you want to take only to be told by someone you trust that you are going to fail? If you answered yes, to any of the above questions then you [...]
Mon, Nov 19, 2018
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Are you struggling with releasing and letting go of negative emotions? At times negative emotions seem so heavy and we let them over-power our will to stay positive-minded. The good news is that we were gifted the angelic realm that's infused with many angels who can help us release and let [...]
Tue, Nov 06, 2018
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