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Are you struggling with releasing and letting go of negative emotions? At times negative emotions seem so heavy and we let them over-power our will to stay positive-minded. The good news is that we were gifted the angelic realm that's infused with many angels who can help us release and let [...]
Tue, Nov 06, 2018
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What would you refer to as an illusion? In my opinion an illusion is a false impression, a lie, a misinterpretation of something that's perceived as something else. When I think about my mind and brain, illusions seem to happen more often than not especially when I'm everywhere else but in [...]
Tue, Oct 30, 2018
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This short Divine light morning guided meditation has suggestions that will infuse your mind with guidance, clarity, protection, enthusiasm and inspiration. Link – https://youtu.be/JWBksZzV9UM Sending you God's love and light http://www.tapthegood.com [...]
Mon, Oct 29, 2018
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sweat-lodge 2
A sacred tradition of the Native American people, the sweat lodge is a unique healing ritual with deep detoxifying benefits to the body, mind and soul. It is a cultural and spiritual experience that delivers a journey of physical purification and personal initiation for the participants. In my sweat lodge sessions, [...]
Fri, Oct 26, 2018
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