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When we encounter similar experiences repeatedly, or go through a single experience that impacts us deeper than normal, our minds grab these experiences and turn them into memories for us to dwell on. Before we know it, we develop habits to remember how to dwell on the experiences. So, we [...]
Tue, Jan 21, 2020
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“I can't go on this way.” I told my mother. My business was struggling. I had been at it for over a year and still couldn't make ends meet. I felt weak and absolutely defeated. I knew that I had to re-tap into my inner strength and keep focusing on [...]
Mon, Jan 20, 2020
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As we begin the new year, most if not all, are focused on creating and manifesting better, or more elevated realities for themselves. The questions then are, what could prevent us from being where we want to be, having what we want to have or feeling the way we want [...]
Mon, Jan 13, 2020
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Gratitude is one of the most powerful attitudes that anyone can embrace to heal and empower their mind, body and spirit. Gratitude is not just a powerful law of attraction tool; it is also medicine for emotional distress. Spare time to just be grateful for everything you've received, including those things [...]
Fri, Dec 27, 2019
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