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When you are feeling down and defeated these affirmations will uplift you. Listen to them all day, every day until you believe what they promise. With your faith, and surrendering, you will witness positive experiences. This is what I affirm all day during my low days. I hope these affirmations soothe [...]
Tue, Jul 09, 2019
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“Pay attention,” said my math teacher–because I was always absentminded. I was 8 years old and math wasn't my best friend. So in class, I was constantly thinking about chapatti (nan bread). A lady made the most delicious chapattis I have ever eaten. Everyday, she sat outside the school canteen [...]
Wed, Jul 03, 2019
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Mathew 8:22: “Let the dead go bury their dead…”~ Jesus In relation to emotional intelligence, one of my interpretations of the above verse is that everything that happens in the past including a second ago, is dead…gone. If you dwell on it, you are dwelling on what's dead. And whatever you [...]
Tue, Jul 02, 2019
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All, if not most of the problems we experience are related to the relationships we have with other people. Whenever we are experiencing conflict in our relationships, there's always something within us that relates to this conflict. We are partly responsible for the conflict. We have knowingly or unknowingly recruited information [...]
Sun, Jun 30, 2019
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