In addition to my Philosophy Doctorate and metaphysical educational background, plus my training as a Shaman by the Mayaster School of Spiritual Healing, England, UK, I also base my spiritual guidance and facilitation, on other ancient techniques such as Reiki, Quantum Soul Clearing, Ho’oponopono, Chanting, Meditation, Herbology, Angels Healing light, The Violet Flame–among others.


  • Spiritual counseling
  • Ancestral and lineage negative codes and contracts’ resolutions
  • Karma Clearing

For pricing, please call for details.

  • Divinations – 30 mins – $75 
  • Spiritual baths based on biblical, metaphysical and Shamanic principles – Customized and priced case by case. Benefits are clarity, guidance, positive connections and mind, spirit and body rejuvenation
  • Spiritual renewal retreats for the mind, body, spirit.
  • Space cleansing – 1 hour – $175  


Achieve Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual cleansing

We have a sweat lodge ceremony every Saturday. Please CALL in advance because we have very limited seating.

Ordained Ministerial Services

  • Administers Non-dimensional marriages – Price – $350 + Transportation fees (Call for details)
  • Pre-marriage couples spiritual counseling – Price – $175/hr
  • Pre-marriage couples spiritual cleansing rituals (Releases the individuals from past baggage before the holy union) – (Call for details)
  • Spiritual churches guest speaker – (Call for details)

These guided healing meditations are infused with subliminal messages and theta-brainwaves music to balance the left and right brains.

In designing this program I employed the magical tools of EFT, Ho’oponopono, NLP, Hypnosis and the Sedona Healing method to help seekers heal the following:

– Emotional baggage and Negative Programming – Value of $95
– Childhood memories – a Value of $95
– Daddy-issues – a Value of $67
– Cleansing and healing all the 7 Chakras through EFT – a Value of $147
– Fear, procrastination, subconscious negative programming and negative Karma – a Value of $147

The program will take you through a soul retrieval journey that will liberate and elevate your life to new levels of self-love, self-expression and empowerment.

A value of $551 Discounted to $147

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This guided visualization Meditation will infuse your subconscious with new profound messages that will help you attract love

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The Soul and Spirit Cleanse is a guided meditation in which I employed the magical tools of EFT and Ho’oponopono to help seekers cleanse and heal their souls and spirits in a simple but magical

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Click HERE to download an MP3 format of the meditation from iTunes.

Click HERE to download an MP3 format of the meditation from iTunes

Click HERE to download an MP3 format of the meditation from iTunes.

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